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Laundry/Day Passes

If you just need to take a shower, do laundry, go to Food Lion to restock, explode and repack and watch some TV while you eat a hot meal and then get back on the trail...then the day pass is the way to go.

$7 Day Pass includes:

*FREE Wifi

*Use of the Bathhouse

*Hot shower

*Towel, Soap & Shampoo

*Use of all of the common areas

*Laundry and Detergent

*Loaner Clothes while you do laundry

*FREE Local Shuttle!

Laundry by itself is $4 (inc. Detergent & Loaner Clothes) and is not included with a Tent Site or Bunkhouse.

Day pass access is provided until 6 pm.

If you change your mind and want to stay the night, we will apply the $7 to the cost of your bunk/room.

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