From Kissimmee, Fl

Hiked the AT in 2017 - 2018 (GA< NC, TN, VA, ME, NH and VT)

Arrived at ARHH for the SOBO season in 2018

Has been part of trail community since 2017

Favorite part of the trail is Franconia Ridge

Secret talent is my ability to wiggle my ears... just ask... and I can play a little guitar.

Favorite trail food is snickers and gummies

Pet peeve is  when someone steals food from the fridge at the ARHH

Hostel life joy is all the great people I get the meet

Host and Manager

Dylan "the Tramp"


From Massachusetts

Started hiking the AT in 2019 and continues to do so with 500 miles complete!!

Arrived at ARHH in 2016

Has been part of the trail community for 4 years but this feels like home

Favorite part of the trail is any part that has a huge struggle for me and when I complete it... I can say "Wow!!  I really just did that!"

Secret talent... Cat whisperer and still knows how to play the "recorder from middle school!  Now trying to learn the Mandolin

Favorite trail food is Chocolate Carnation breakfast with instant oatmeal and coffee

Hostel life joy is watching hikers faces light up when they realize how amazing it is here at ARHH... and, of course HOT SHOWERS

Does whatever needs done

Nicole "Rain"


From Sylva, NC

Was a NOBO hiker in 2017

Arrived at ARHH in May of 2018

Has been part of trail community for 4 years

Favorite part of the trail is "the spot between the white blazes"

Secret talent is the ability to carry more than anyone else and playing the guitar

Favorite trail food is peanut brittle

Pet peeve is that hikers NEVER leave soda in the fridge at ARHH - just beer!

Hostel life joy is handing out trail magic while running shuttles

Shuttle Driver and Host

Clark "Acadicus"


From Wilmington, NC

SOBO Hiked starting in 2017 and finished in 2018 (over 200 days on the trail)

Arrived at ARHH in January of 2018

Has been part of trail community for the past 3 years

Favorite part of the trail is Maine

Secret talent is not freezing to death when hiking SOBO in the winter without a tent

Favorite trail food is gummy worms

Hostel life joy is the meeting and helping hikers

Shuttle driver, making blue blaze trails to Food Lion and general work

Ethan "Dutchess"


From Massachusetts

Hiked many years from 1996 and continues (started hiking at age 11)

Working to finish remaining sections of the AT in memory of his father who always dreamed of hiking the AT

Arrived at ARHH in 2016

Favorite part of the AT is the White Mountains  and Mt Lafayette

Secret talent  with self-defense and Tae Kwon Do

Favorite Trail Food is Fried Summer sausage and Velveeta

Hostel Life Joy is meeting new people from all over the world

Role - Anything but driving the shuttles

Dan "Walkin Tree"


From Jupiter, FL

Hiked over 1,200 miles of the AT during 2017 and 2018

Arrived at ARHH in June of 2018

Has been part of trail community since 2016 when I started helping Tramp with trail magic

Favorite part of the trail is NOT GEORGIA... and I really love Franconia Ridge

Secret talent is that I can have a complete conversation whlie reading a book and not realize someone is talking to me

Hostel life pet peeve is really Dirty bathrooms and kitchens... makes me want to peel off my own skin

Hostel life joy is the family atmosphere, dog friendly places, a good hiker kitchen and places that understand what a hiker REALLY needs.

Keeping the Tramp in line

Madison "Lady"


204 Douglas Lane

Pearisburg, VA 24134

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