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The Crew



We love taking care of our hikers and want to give them a relaxing and comfy stay. It doesn't matter if you are here for a zero day or two or if you decide to stay a week because your family is coming to visit you. We want everyone to feel the love!

Meet the Current Crew:

The Duo - Walkin Tree (Dan) and Rain (Nicole)

Acadicus (Clark) and Luna (his dog)

Tortoise (Judy)

Lady (Mattie) and The Tramp (Dylan)

Duchess (Ethan)

Walking distance to FastFood, Food Lion, DQ, AYCE Chinese, Mexican and More
Tramily Tents
& Multiple Fire Pits

"Such a special treat to be able to sleep in a bed, get a hot shower, cook in a kitchen and watch movies! Thank you! Much needed rest, thank you for your kindness and generosity, I won't forget you."


"Thanks for the stay! Hella warm, hella comfy and if we weren't so behind I could see myself getting trapped here!"


"Oh Vortex!  I even sat in the green chair.  You will not get your grip on me.  2.5 days is enough.  It has been an amazing time off.  XOXO"

~ The Yard Sale

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