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Angels Rest Hiker's Haven

Even the Angels Rest in Pearisburg,

Perhaps you should too!


In 2016, while attending the Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine in Sugar Grove, NC, Dr. Pippa Chapman met AT Thru Hikers that would later visit her property in Pearisburg, Virginia.  "The Originals" as they fondly became known, convinced her that the 5.5  acres adjacent to her home had the makings of a perfect "Haven" for hikers. 

Located at the base of Angels Rest Overlook, directly behind Food Lion and within walking distance of everything,  Angels Rest Hikers Haven has been a welcomed addition to an already great little trail town. Built by hikers for hikers, it has proven to be, in a very short time, a "Zerolicious" experience for all who visit.  Whether it's a day pass for the energetic thru hiker knocking down big miles, the weary thru hiker with injuries needing to relax and heal, the section hiker needing secure parking and a shuttle to the trailhead or a place for hiker's families to come visit and stay while you zero and resupply, the crew at ARHH are excited to be of service and show you around a place so many have come to love and cherish as their own. We are family friendly and expect everyone to be respectful of others.

Explore the Area
A ZeroLicious Stay...

We strive to offer an environment of rest and relaxation for hikers. Quiet Time is 10pm-6am. Responsible Drinking Only.  Zero Tolerance for Drunkedness.

Angels Rest Hikers Haven is located in Giles County, Virginia.  Besides home to 50 miles of the AT, we have great fishing, kayaking, mountain biking and water falls. Many AT Thru Hikers have returned after completing their thru hikes to enjoy all that our area has to offer.

"WOW! What a truly amazing place! Definitely the best hostel I have been to- thank you!"

                                                    ~ Luna


"Stayed two nights and slack packed. I had a fantastic time. This is a great place for hikers!"



"Thank you so much for your generous hospitality! Somehow I found myself back here for a third night and loving it! Feels good to be someplace warm, cozy and welcoming during those freezing nights....and ZERO #2!"


                             ~ Mama Cluck

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